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Sing Catholic Bible Prayer Songs Vol 1 and Vol 2

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Sing Catholic Bible Prayer Songs Vol 1 and Vol 2

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Includes all the prayers for the Rosary, Hail Mary, Our Father, Apostle's Creed, Glory Be, the Catholic Books of the Bible Song for fun memorization, the St Michael's Chaplet, Guardian Angel prayer song, Fatima story in song, St. Joseph song, and more.

Sing Bible Prayer Songs Sampler music clips

22 Joyful Faith Filled Prayer Songs for Children by Carol Fisher following her best selling "Sing Bible Prayer Songs" CD. Hug Me Jesus features songs with the 10 Commandments, Sacraments, Act of Love, Act of Contrition, the story of Fatima & more!

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18 Catholic Prayer Songs with children's voices by Carol Fisher, songwriter and radio host

1. Sittin’ On Top of the Rainbow

2. Books of the Bible

3. Clapping My Hands

4. Hail Mary

5. Apostles Creed

6. Thank You God

7. Naaman

8. St. Joseph

9. Enough Bread

10. Our Father

11. Glory Be

12. Pater Noster

13. Fantastic Day

14. Angel, My Angel

15. Act of Contrition

16. The Lord is With Me, I’m Not Afraid

17. Praise From The Fiery Furnace

18. History, Mystery, Majesty

Vol 2 of the Popular Series, Sing Catholic Bible Prayer Songs Hug Me Jesus teaches prayers, scriptures, & the Catechism in joyful song. "As a Catholic father, I am always seeking innovative ways to ignite a great zeal for the faith in my children...Since purchasing your music series..I frequently hear my 4 yr. old...singing very melodic songs about Fatima, Bible stories, and countless prayers. What surprised me even more is how much I listen to them even when our four children are not present. Indeed these songs are incredibly helpful in rediscovering (and inspiring one to live) the simple 'childlike' faith that is required to truly follow Christ." Hamden, CT "Our son Daniel is only one, but when I pop in the tape(cd) in the morning he crawls up the glass door to the stereo and starts to dance. One side is long enough for me to get a bit of prayer time in with you singing prayers in the background and it has the 10 Commandments, the Act of Contrition and some songs you can do actions with your child." Lakewood, OH List of Titles: 1. Come Holy Spirit

2. Hug Me Jesus

3. If Jesus Is Your Treasure

4. Vine & Branches

5. Name of Jesus

6. Give to Caesar

7. Act of Contrition

8. Come Lord Jesus

9. Jesus Is King

10. Gonna Shine

11. God’s Commandments

12. Baby Jesus

13. Only One God

14. Glory Be

15. Name of the Father

16. God’s Friend

17. Act of Love

18. When Jesus Came

19. Father, Son, Spirit

20. Everyone Can Help

21. Trinity’s Chosen the Woman

22. Mary, Our Mother


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